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Lieutenant Foxworth continued to be intrigued with young Fuckie as he called her. Although he did sample some of the other girls, he kept coming back ...o her. Occasionally she would also fuck with one of the other men who wanted her, but all of the Junior Geishas were expected to do that. She felt honored that the Commander of the unit was so interested in her, and they continued to grow closer together.Seeing that she was their Commander's girl, the other men stopped asking her to fuck with. I mean what guy with a big dick that's looking online for sex doesn't have a pic of his dick to entice partners. But, he was the only real lead I had so I figured I'd just take a chance to see what knocked at my door so I invited him over. I wasn't expecting much as the knock on my door came which I quickly answered since I was just happy to know I going to be put on my knees to service some black cock but I was shocked when I opened the door. Standing in front of me was a massively tall. I didn't see May anywhere. I headed back upstairs and went to her cabin. I knocked, waiting to see if she was in there. After no answer I once again started to go through the whole boat.I found May in the kitchen, making up a tray of snacks. I stepped in and gave her a hand, wanting to have some time alone with her. She was cheerful and even teased me a bit."Oh there you are... getting old huh ol' man? Couldn't keep up with us young'uns?" Hey, you guys wore me out today. I needed to get some. ..” I said warningly. “She’s probably just there with... ?”My stepdaughter glanced away guiltily.He welled up inside me again, the Alpha Male I’d awakened with the BDE recordings. “With who?” I demanded, and my voice rumbled with the power that McKenzie no longer had the power to resist.“Aaron Burns,” she told me, her hazel eyes failing to meet mine. She had folded up into a ball, clutching her knees to her chest.My sight flashed red. Aaron. Fucking. Burns... Barbara’s boss.My wife worked for.

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Vids Lesbian Squirt Best Friend Cum Drenched

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