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I raised on leg and opened my legs slightly to try to give him a view up my skirt as best I could.My tits were freezing but my nipples were rock solid...and as i turned around Frank made yet another comment..." Cold in there Anna!" and he laughed, staring at my tits.I looked down and pretended to be embarrassed, " yes it was! sorry Frank I'm popping out here!"He said " don't be silly don't mind me"As we went on I could feel him all the time ogling my legs and y to be honest i was so wet down. Something just beautiful for me to enjoy. “Oh, my,” I panted. “Lupita...”The Hispanic woman slid her mouth off my cock with a wet plop. Drool spilled around her chin. She licked her lips and stared up at me, her eyes dewy with passion. She shuddered and then moaned, “I don't know how you have that cock, Madeline, but that was amazing.”“And I bet you want our big girl-dicks in your cunt, Mrs. Reyes,” Sky moaned. SMACK! “Yes!” groaned Lupita, her butt-cheek jiggling from my futa-daughter's spank.. Lunch continued on and us girls talked about are dresses and what mighthappen after the dance. It was nice to have all these good friends and Iwas glad to have them all. The bell quickly rang for fifth period and wewere all of on our separate ways. Brenda found me at the door to thelunch room."What did you want to talk to me about?" I have a card from my psychiatrist; she's great and is willing to seeyou, if you are interested," I said then handed her Thelma's card."Thelma Louis, Like in the. Wat a feel it was. She was doing really very good,very fast and very hard. Her boobs were bouncing a lot. I asked her to come close so that i can take her boobs in my mouth. She was making a huge sound of ahhh…………….ahhhh………….She did it for around 15 minutes and then asked me to come on her top and start fucking her real hard. I started slowly by kissing her pussy for few minutes and then by inserting my penis in pussy. She was totally out of control and was just shouting…….ah……ahhh….ah……..

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