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The loud rhythm of their moans kept catching the bare whitewashed walls and made them ring. With a simple gesture of a sole finger to her lips and a ...od of head towards the open door, she pulled on my hand. Quietly, I crept closer and peered into the room to look for myself. The incredulity of the situation hit me like a sledgehammer. In an act of domination, Nina was knelt over her. Her honey-coloured skin was taut over her slight frame as she clung to her partner in crime. Scissored by. Kaleigh helped me pick it out before Christmas and it's the first time I've worn it." She turned slightly to look at Kaleigh, who gave her a small smile and a nod. "Would uh, would you like to see a little more of me, and Kaleigh too?" Lyndy asked with a soft and surprisingly sexy voice, given her current nervous state of mind.I smiled back at her and enthusiastically said, "Oh heck yes! I'd love to see more of you, in whatever manner you decide to do it in too." Kaleigh smiled at me and. The salty taste was wonderful and sweet. After minutes, I rose to my feet, and helped her sit up, her eyes still closed. Tilting her head to one side, and lowering myself slightly, I brought the tip of my monstrously swollen penis to her lips. I was curious to see what she would do with it.Surprisingly, she began to lick the head in a circle, and after a while began to dip down with increasingly deep strokes to the base. She continued to moan during this, and squatting slightly, I managed to. Breathing a sigh of relief as we make our way out to leave. We go to the penthouse, she makes her way down the hall and entering the bathroom try to calm her flustered body as she knows it will be a long night. Once Ellen is finished in the bathroom, she begins to make her way to the bedroom. I'm waiting for her in the bedroom, I grab Ellen pushing her against the wall. Pushing against me and squirming against my weight on her, trying to get me off, she gasps an astonished " Oh," as my hand has.

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Solo Female

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