That day I went alone and saw her. She was looking at me smiling and I turned away from her. She came to me and said she wanted me to come to her hous.... I was surprised and also very happy. I went to her home on a Saturday and she wore only a bra and a panty. She noticed that I was surprised and said she only wore those dress when she was home. I sat inside and she made me a cup of coffee. She went to take a swim and I began looking at her big house in which she was alone. I searched her draw. He gave her a moment to decide; he wasn't really going to stab a thirteen year old girl. Fortunately, with his gap tooth and fucked up face and all, she thought he really would harm her. Her face dissolved into quiet sobs as she fumbled with the hem of her little graphic tee. Blushing in humiliation, she looked away and slowly pulled up her shirt, exposing her taut, clenching tummy and her chest. A pair of pale pink nipples sat on top of breasts that looked about as delicious as unbaked,. .."I heard the click indicating another call on the line and hung up on the sheriff. It was Steve, "David, I can see a tent and a car in the campground, but no one around. What should I do?" Stay there for a while until I arrive. If anyone's in the tent they'll come out when I pull into the campground. Cover me."I drove up to the campground and got out of the truck. Nobody came out to see who drove in so I wandered over to the car and glanced in. My blood ran cold. There was blood on the. Time slipped away from Sushmita. In unknown minutes, he swept her from the counter and tried to stand her up. Her legs buckled and she fell against him. He guided her to the floor. She lay on her stomach on the cold, lemon Lysol scented linoleum. Sushmita gasped and moaned. But most of all, she wished. She wished he wasn’t done. She wanted him to continue. When she heard his zipper, she smiled to herself. He wasn’t done yet.The two hands grabbed her hips and lifted, pulling her to her knees..

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