We are in a frenzy; sharks don’t feed like this. My hands are on her ass, and I realize that it is so much better than I’d wanted it to be. This of her ass is smooth, soft, and just a bit cold to my touch. My hands cover her small buns letting me feel the power of her taught muscles. She runs her hands through my hair. I pull away from her lips for a second. We look into each other’s eyes. We both know. We both want. She reaches for my zipper and releases my cock as I raise the hem of her. It was a good job nobody was around because I had a super-erection and my new shorts were not hiding it very well. My morning erections had been difficult to hide for a while and I was operating on the assumption that Mum and Tabatha could see them if they looked, but they were politely choosing not to look. Everyone knew boys my age had morning erections. It couldn’t be helped. And it was just common decency not to stare or point or comment about the elephant in the room. “Oh! You’re up. Now we will leave you and see about things. When we are ready for you to come to lunch we will send someone for you. Now, freshen up and change that wig so we can see how lovely you are as a blonde." Yes, Ma'am," Alicia said. She was smiling and when she saw the way Rona was looking at her she was suddenly eager to be beautiful for the tall, glowing brunette.They went out of her room then and she was alone. She closed the door and noticed, with a momentary dismay, that there was no lock on her. Who was I to argue?I left planning to Rick, and operations of Jack's 'special' friends. Charles sent me off to build support for his repatriation bill that would incentivize bringing manufacturing jobs back to America that had been lost to Malaysia, and China, and Indonesia.The bill should have appealed to both sides, which was why neither felt strongly about supporting it. The idea of non-political law, that actually benefits all Americans, was just too good to be embraced by those who live,.

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