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I was on my back my cock standing erect like a flagpole while my Mom straddled my face, her silk stocking-clad legs on each side of my head. Her glist...ning pussy lips were directly above me. I stared like one would a car crash, unable to look away.I felt my Mother's hand getting a grip of her son's cock and a few seconds later felt her mouth back on my cock, teasing my mushroom top. The slow rotating of her tongue around my cock was teasing heaven. I grabbed my Mother's firm ass and pulled her. I began to blossom in his love. Some times I doubted that my daughter knew about me and Pappu. Then one day Bindu didi remarked all of a sudden” You look more beutiful than ever, have you got a new young stud to keep you company? We are sisters, if you have a young cock, share it with your elder sister, darling, I too feel bored with your jijju all the time.” Bindu squeezed my bosom and winked at me. I simply winked at my sister and said nothing. I did not want her to know that my young stus. “You’d never faced a consequence so you didn’t think there were any. You’re like the rest of us. Now we know – at least I do.”Hailey was musing on Katelyn’s words when her phone rang and caused her to jump. An automatic grin spread to her face when she saw the name on the Caller ID.“Are you home?” she answered anxiously.Phil fought back a smile.“I’m going stay with Mom and Dad tonight,” he answered.“No!” Hailey wailed.“I’m kidding,” he said. “I’m back downstairs. Are you having fun?”“No,”. That evening, he sent her a list of days he was available to go out to lunch. She saved that email, happy to go out anytime he wanted to. “Hi,” he said at the diner they’d met at. She was all smiles and said hello back to him. She wished they could hug but knew better, knowing it probably was inappropriate. She wished they could sit closer together but knew better too. They had a two hour lunch and then she asked, “Wanna take a walk?” He looked at his watch and said yes. They started to walk at.

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Anal Fuck

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