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.and a pivotal moment in my life.The first part covers how I started enjoying kissing other boys.The second part tells how I lost my bi cherry to guy and became actively and happily bi sexual.As I boy growing up in a small English village in the 1960's, sex wasn't a subject that got talked about in an educational or overt way.The very conservative nature of our society at the time meant that any useful education was gained either from whispers in the playground at school, or through the. We weren't afraid of the huge claws as most of us had been hunting since we were kids and learned the technique from our dads or older siblings. There was plenty of beer and weed, at each stop we quenched our thirst, or took a hit. It was a joyous night, for many of us had now graduated and this was a night to celebrate. Life in my youth was idyllic, the country folk were very generous and nobody complained if we respectfully took a hand of bananas, some corn or any or the. As the night wound down, they had a grand finale for us. This came as complete surprise for me. They led us to the bathroom and put us in the tub, my wife still blindfolded, and wearing earplugs. Now bear in mind, my wife was very sore, exhausted, sweaty and covered in BLACK Cum, and probably a lot of BLACK Pussy juice too, she was barely able to walk. But she was in such a state of ecstasy, arousal and so broken by them at this point, they could do anything and she would oblige. They sat us. Holding it against her cheek she felt its smooth warmth being pulsed to rigidity. As she kissed his helmet-like head she thought I wonder if he would like me to put it in my mouth. Her desire was too great to worry about asking. Opening her mouth, she took his bulk inside and bobbed like a gold rush whore.Placing his hands on each side of Myra’s head to slow her rhythm to a less urgent pace he said, “GOD,” as if he were a christening priest, “You’re SO beautiful my sweet girl,” overwhelmed by.

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Big Boobs

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