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She had been so certain that herworld was going to explode in the moment her mother walked in. She wasso deeply embarrassed. But her mother didn't d... anything she expected. It was so weird. Then came the shock of her life, there was no dyingMom was a boy too.Alex rubbed her crotch slowly. She felt extremely comfortable, theguilt she'd felt stealing her mom's clothes and enjoying wearing themwas gone. She could be herself. What did that mean for school? Wellshe didn't know just yet, she. I got there a few minutes early, and told the hostess that I would just wait. It wasn't a minute or two later that I saw her walk in the door. Our eyes locked immediately and I stood and walked over to her. We kissed lightly and I took her hands in mine."My hands are freezing, must be nerves." Me, too, I'm nervous, too"Opting for a seat at a high top near the bar, we ordered two sodas and began talking. I was really worried that we'd spend more time people watching than talking. Quite the. He was moaning more and more and trying to spit my panties out of hismouth. I pushed them back in and thought that I had better remember to comeup with a more effective gag next time.I managed to keep John on the bed for three and half hours before lettinghim finally cum inside me by which time he was covered in sweat and lookedpretty exhausted. As I untied his bonds I told him to put his panties backon and keep his heels on. He slid off the bed and stood up a littleunsteadily before walking. “relax” said Meagan “this is just another lesson”By then Meagan had a finger all the way into Courtney’s ass and was moving it in and out as Courtney moaned even louder. Meagan poured some more lubricant on her fingers and slowly inserted a second finger into the virgin ass. When she had three fingers in Courtney’s ass she reached over and grabbed the small dildo letting Vanessa lube it up. Meagan removed her fingers and slid the small dildo in Courtney’s ass.Courtney screamed.

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