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. my pussy clenches as I moan.. you switch gears and the toy pulses.. lost all I hear now is your voice Good girl slut, keep those legs open.. the to us is full of boys drooling over my pussy.. Your finger slides thru my wetness and smears it on my lips..Lick it off dirty slut.. swats my tits and I hear voices as we slow to stop.. closer.. think we've parked but engine still running.. 3 voices even closer now.. they sound excited about something and the door opens and you exit the. My aunt was a MILF for sure. I had just found that girls made me hard, and boy did my aunt ever, shit almost made me cum in my pants just loo kin at her. She was a petite little blond. I would say 5'4 90 pounds, small perky tits, and a tight little bottom. So as my mom was giving me the details all i could think about was my aunts nice ass as she did her aerobics and before my mum could finish i said, "YES!!!".Three days had gone by and all i could think about was seeing my aunts perfect body.. Trust me, I'm not hearingthings,"Just then, the radio sparked to life and chatter from the ground theynever thought they would hear again, started pouring out of the speakers. Houston was back online.---Deliverance Exterior---The Deliverance was getting closer and closer. Should arrive in about 30seconds. Kaaren was correct that surviving in a vacuum was possible, butI have been experiencing a slowly increasing need to breathe. I assumethis body still requires oxygen as does all other carbon. "Trudie, if you just leave me alone, you have nothing to fear. I'm just trying to get you to stop being such a little brat." Don't tell Denise what I told you. Please? I didn't mean it anyway, it isn't even true." Don't make it worse by lying to me. You know it is true." She hung her head and said nothing else to me. She acted like she had been totally defeated. "Trudie, stop worrying. I won't tell her that you told me." She looked up at me, and I could see the hope in her eyes. Just then,.

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