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At five nine and in high heels she was nearly as tall as I am, and her bright red hair hung in ringlets down to the middle of her ass. A silky blouse ...ith no bra covered but didn't hide her pear shaped breasts with those puffy, light pink nipples. And her short, school girl skirt almost showed the bottom of her beautifully rounded ass. Her long legs drew admiring glances from both men and women. As hot as her body was, it was her face that mesmerized me. Her red hair framed her face and set off. It could have been done with less confusion. It could have been done in a way that eased Sherry into yet another new relationship with this pair of twins.But Carly was excited. Not only that, she was relieved in a way that you or I might be relieved when the shame-faced doctor comes in and says something like, "I'm really sorry about this, but your test results got mixed up with someone else's. I know I told you, you only have three months to live, but ... actually ... you don't have cancer,. He knelt down in between her legs as he began to fuck her very hard once again on the bed. Her lovely tits now moved in unison with every thrust of his big cock as he slammed it deeply into her. He had fucked Christina hard for several more minutes as her moans had become almost instantaneous. He no longer could hold on any longer as he quickly yanked his big cock out of her pussy without any warning. His purplish colored cock throbbed with excitement as he pointed it directly down at. They decorated it, put in a double bed, putnice bed linen on it and had the room tastefully appointed. Only Billyand Valerie knew that there was also a camera on a tripod installed in acloset so that Billy could secretly take pictures of anything thathappened on that bed. Valerie called it her 'insurance policy'.They also installed a little buzzer with a button on both sides of thebed that Emily could push if things got out of hand. Billy was to beconcierge and security.They set up a little.

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