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The battleship, now adorned with gaping holes from direct hits by the fighters, bore on, but the fighters had done their jobs. Their weapons were not ...owerful enough to deliver a crippling blow to the battleship, but they had taken out most of the external sensor arrays and hull mounted weapons. That would not prevent the monster from launching missiles or self-guided drones, but it did reduce its close-in fighting capabilities considerably, and that's what Colin was counting on.As the behemoth. When he could see her once more, she lifted her shirt and pressed her bare breasts against his window. Then she pulled her shirt down, backed away, and showed off her soapy belly and perky tits as they strained against the wet fabric. Misty then gave the Jeep, and herself, a final rinse. She motioned for him to remain in her Jeep as she wound the hose up, and swayed her hips sexily as she walked up the driveway to hang it up. She disappeared into the garage a moment, and returned with a. By this time I recovered enough not to beg after her, asking when that glorious day would come, when I might enjoy the sublime pleasure of plunging my pole into her honeyed hole in a succulent thrill-storm of pleasure. I should have mentioned that she was an English teacher, which stimulated a little literary excess on my part. My apologies. In any case, I was mad to figure out when we might be able to have the next rendezvous in this ambrosial tryst. Luckily we live in the age of the Internet. My body had changed so much. In the Fall I was still in my old body. I had always been viewed more athletic than attractive: I was 5’2” rather flat chested and more of a tom-boy than prom-queen. I was on the tennis team so that kept me in shape with nice legs. I always thought of them as my best feature. Anthony always said it was my face and smile that caught his eye. He said I reminded him of Michelle Pfeifer. I had no idea who he was talking about until we watched one of her movies, it.

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