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And i did, i begged for him to please let me suck on his cock. I let out a loud moan as i was finally able to wrap my lips around it. I swirled my ton...ue over the head tasting his yummy precum, then i took him deeper into my mouth, sucking on his shaft lightly. (his cock wasn't huge, but was a good 7inchs, pretty good thickness) I finally ended up with it all stuffed down my throat. He moaned as his hand slipped between my legs and his fingers found there way into my wet pussy.After sucking him. At first glance all the downtown traffic was passing through. However when you looked closer there were people working even on Christmas Eve.I left home with a very large black backpack. Inside that backpack I had small boxes of candy. No I hadn't been thoughtful enough to buy the candy, Sylvia had. She and Peter had bought it for me. I mentioned that I would like to do a give away someday, so they decided this was the year. I decided on the spur of the moment to go along with it. Too bad they. Sarah saw him first and started crying." HereHannah turned to Sarah."I remember," Sarah said. "It was whimpering and bleeding. Daddy wantedto kill it." Your father wanted to put the poor thing out of its misery," Iinterjected. "He thought--we both did--that it would die anyway." But all three of us ganged up on Mama and Daddy and cried until theyagreed to let us tend poor Tommy," Hannah continued."Tommy?" Kylie asked."Daddy said it was a Tom cat, so we called him Tommy. We got the. Number two had pulled her panties down and her fingers were in her pussy. As I looked up to her, she pulled her wet fingers out and pushed them into my mouth, I was amazed I had never tasted two pussies that tasted so sweet and the ladies also looked like twins. The same amazing green eyes It was like I was sucking one special lady and she was also watching me. Was this really two women or could I see my dream in all women??I continued to suck harder and harder and number two stroked her.

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