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She made a smile that seemed to show she was okay. I shook hands with everyone, and we seemed to hit it off great.Sara was drinking more, and I was lo...king at these guys and thinking how athletic and big they looked compared to Sara. They were all at least 6 foot and very muscular. They were also very attractive and well dressed. I imagined that their cocks matched the rest of them. I could tell that she was flirting with them, and they were getting closer to her and touching her. I was sitting. " He fingered a written note on the desk, "This is a signed affirmation by Miss Grey," he said introducing her to its contents. "In it she denies your accusation that she stole your book and that you did indeed lend it her. What have you to say? And I repeat, I must be sure of your honesty if you are to be allowed above stairs," he cautioned. Victoria was at a loss to know what answer to give. She did indeed loan her the book and acted totally out of spite for some forgotten misdemeanor towards. "It's true, Billy. I met a guy on-line, we'd been emailing for a while. Last week we arranged a face-to-face meeting, one thing led to another and when he found out I was working on an erotic mind control story he gave me the power. Now I'm going to give it to you." I say prove it." I challenged, chuckling. "Prove you have mind control powers." Okay, how about ... have you ever had a sexual fantasy about, oh, say, zebras?" What? Zebras? Of course not."He smiled and finished zipping up his. Gagging for a coffee and willing the little 12v kettle would hurry up, the mobile phone on charge kicks into life."What's up?" Dan asks."I have the plans you wanted" Ray informs"Fantastic, where are you?" You don't want to know" Alright, I need them now, where can I meet you?"Be at the petrol garage opposite the cemetery on the A13 in thirty minutes"."Give me an hour I need coffee, Oh and Saim's joined" He didn't take much convincing then. See you soon"Within the hour, Dan turns into the.

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