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If you find any of the above criteria or anything listed in the tags offensive, please do not continue to read! If you have any problem with homosexua...ity, please do not continue to read! It is not my fault that you choose to read a gay story and get upset about it, so please, no nasty comments about that. ALSO!!!! The first part of this story is very slow. Since this is the first of a series, I have to add background information about different aspects of the story, which will be included in. Nisha was moaning in a very low suppressed voice .hhhuuhhhh…uuuuffffff. .ooooohhhhhhh. ..aaaahhhhh.. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. Nisha was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full fun to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts . She was hot, hissing and moaning. After some times Nisha told me to. Her fingers are gliding on my body, our tongues dancing together in our mouths.Tara screamed, holding me tight digging her nails in my back, “Oh! Don’t stop, baby. Take me deep, Vinay.” The mind-blowing, thundering sex which we thrust on both our bodies was unlike anything else we had ever experienced before.We were enjoying her newfound sexual world. I started to fuck her harder like a wild animal. I kept piercing her pussy with my rock-hard dick. I started to pump her fast and hard. I thrust. He didn't have to ask twice. My pussy was throbbing already with his preparations, and I started to work my fingers over myself, moaning as I did. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him walk over to the case on the wall and come back with something, but I couldn't see what it was. Without warning, I felt the first impact on my ass as he started to spank me with what I learned later was a small leather paddle. It startled me enough that I stopped working on my pussy. Then I felt the stinging.

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