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I picked up the pace. She squeakedagain.She was slamming herself back into me. I was holding her hips. We werereally fucking hard. I could feel the he...d of my cock slamming the endof her colon. She wimpered, moaned, and squeaked again. Her asstightened around my cock and I couldn't take any more. I blew a hugeload into her ass, holding her hips still as pumped it deep inside her.As I started to withdraw, her ass muscles began to squeeze my cock,massaging it as I pulled it out.As soon as my cock. My beloved hubby had not fucked me so good in the last days; so I was feeling a bit horny. Worse of all, being close to the huge black man made me get aroused…I felt I needed some attention.My dark green tight dress had a nice cleavage and I could see him constantly looking at my round firm tits. I guessed he wanted to grab a feel so I just said it to him, asking if he wanted to have a feel. He laughed and gave them a squeeze. I finished my smoke and went inside again. We chatted each time I. Mine was more nervous than mirth, though. He had me walk in front of him as he guided me down the hall to his bedroom. When we entered he had the same floral print on his bedspread as the furniture in the sitting room. He pulled back the covers so all that was left was the fitted sheet.He turned to me and said, "It will be nice falling asleep with the smell of a girl and sex in my sheets again."He wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his naked body causing his cock to be pinned between. Designed with bondage in mind, there are metal hoops sewn into the waist area. The bands clamped around her wrists have matching slide hooks. He had secured her wrists to the hoops at her hips, holding them in place next to her body. Her hands and arms are useless in their current position, pinned against her sides. No garters or stockings this time, which had surprised her at first. When she had opened the box that contained the brand new soft leather boots, it was more understandable. Five.

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