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"He thought, Dang! I've got an incredibly gorgeous woman with a boner-popping, hard-body, hourglass shape standing on the other side of the door, all ...ut begging to play with my dick! And I turn her down. Crazy days, man."Oh, poo! Shoot. Oh well. No problem. See ya." She tried to sound carefree with her "no problem" comment, but it was clear that she was quite disappointed.Alan took his shower and then wandered downstairs in a shirt and shorts to see what was cooking and to finally greet them. “Lick my arse.” She said, looking back at himPaul looked up to me and I nodded, ‘it’s okay.’He used both hands to part her arse cheeks, leant slowly forward and pushed his mouth as fully in as he could. Jay jerked as she felt his tongue probing and, leaning forward, I could see as he ran his tongue up and down and around her arsehole. He then started to move in and out, very gently as his tongue entered her arse as deep as he could stretch. Jay let out a little scream of joy then carried on. E. class again.I barely had any sexual experience, maybe a few encounters with prostitutes by the time I was twenty-three. My fantasies and needs, the product of a larger than 1.7 GB porn collection. I still lived with my parents at the time, had dropped out of university, with no direction or perspective towards my future existence.I always showed a certain interest in my mum’s teasing lingerie, but this was different. I can still remember the thrill of my first Amazon order. I got the hold-up. I’d done what I’d done for the woman and I was proud of myself. I’d endured and endured was the operative term; and I had now come out the other side of the experience in relative good health and starting over.I would need to get a job. I did have a ticket to stay in a halfway house if I wanted to: the ticket was good for sixty days in my case. I’d find me a cheap motel for my first night back in town and then decide about the government accommodations.The Drover was my kind of place: country.

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