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She squeezed again. I was getting hard."I want to eat her pussy while you FUCK ME," she said with a heavy emphasis on the last two words.I saw Cathy g...ancing back at us in the rearview mirror. Kay noticed, too. She kept her head on my shoulder and flashed Cathy a friendly smile."Do you think she'll play with us?" Kay whispered.I had no idea what Cathy would do. I shrugged."I think she'll play," Kay whispered. "I know the type when I see them."In truth, I had no idea what to expect. At worst, I. You can exert your authority in a gentle manner, but you need to do it. That is perhaps your biggest challenge.”“The iron fist in the velvet glove?” I asked.“Yes. But with me, I prefer just the iron fist. Order me to please you.”“That just seems wrong to me,” I objected.“Didn’t you once tell me that Jennifer, Melanie, and Bethany all said you focused on exactly what the girl needed. Why doesn’t that work with me?”She had a point. It made me uncomfortable for several reasons, and Bethany was at. Sarah opened her eyes and looked into Tom’s, she spoke alluringly, ‘Mmmhh yeah. Tom this feels soooo good, uuuhhh, I want you so much, I want you deeper inside of me, oh yeah that’s it. Fuck me Tom, fuck me harder, uuuuaaahhhh that’s it.’ Suddenly Tom slowed down and stopped pulling his cock out of Sarah’s pussy. ‘What are you doing?’ Sarah’s face was surprised, ‘Please don’t stop now!’ she begged. Tom smiled. ‘I’m not stopping. I want you to turn around and bend over the desk, and then you’ll. We were all dressed casualty. I had basketball shorts on,my gf had some PJ pants with a sports bra and her mom, who at the time was living with us, was wearing a white tank top thin enough that I would call it see-through. And hugging her waist was a tiny pair of black boy shorts.leaving very little to the imagination.Her mom was a cute petite woman with with perky little tits, and a tight perfect ass. I've always saw her as a milf, just never thought I'd get the chance to fuck.We would flirt.

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