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You have learned well my grasshopper.... lolSo, tell me what is Phillip like, you know, personality wise? Is he good and a good lover? I hope he isn�...t anything like Dan. By the way, what’s the situation with him anyhow? Did you tell him to get lost or what? Yes, I’m interrogating you but also concerned for you and like the concerned friend that I am I want to know what’s going on in your life, just like I share mine with you.Howling’s bar sounds like an interesting place to check out. The next. Neal threw his head back and clearly moaned. I didn’t need to be able to hear him to know that. I don’t know exactly what this one was doing with his mouth but clearly he was very good at it. It wasn’t very long at all before Neal was obviously on the verge of cumming. He reached down and tapped him on the shoulder and the whole room cheered. The guy administering what was clearly an exceptional blow job sat back and grinned up at Neal. Max walked over and held up the hand of this guy as though. I love you just as much as I ever did, yet I also love Makro, Fobie and Deimie. Sure, they are my sisters and I always did love them, but this is different; I now love them as women as well as family. I just hope we can all work it out." We will," she stated unequivocally. "You may be hard pressed to keep up with our demands, but we will definitely work it out as you say. We four and any of the others you will collect as time passes." I don't intent to collect any others," he said with a. She didn't miss a thing. I turned back to her and her eyes were glued to my hips.“Who were you thinking about?” she asked with a sly smile on her face.I must have turned 10 shades of red. “What do you mean?” I tried to cover.“Somebody's responsible for that," she said with her eye's glued to the bulge in my slacks.Somehow, her being that open about my obviously hard cock, made it easier for me. “What if I told you it was you?” I asked her.“I'd like to hear that,” she said, “I like knowing I can.

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