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She came home later on in the day and I could tell that she had fun. She said that Jim had taken her around to his fire station in West Chester and gi...en her a tour of the place. She said that there were several other firefighters there when they got there and Jim wasted no time in showing her off to his buddies. They all were very nice to her and according to her, all were very sexy. I jokingly asked if she had taken them all on. She lowered her head a little and looked at me sheepishly. You. . however, seeing the way she was smiling at Jill, we suddenly got what Kelly meant and both Jill and I blushed to the tips of our fingertips, while Kelly chuckled kindly. In spite of the implied statement that we would not be going to sleep immediately, we agreed with Kelly that it had been a long day and that would best go up to our rooms.The following morning, we agreed to meet for breakfast, downstairs. Kelly idly though of teasing us again but thought better of it; Sunday would be enough. She was early 20's at this time, a real naturally beautiful girl with a very innocent look, long dark brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes, quite pale white, shortish, 5,5 with nice perky breasts, shes average bulid but not skinny and has the perfect big arse. And a perfect looking tight bald cunt.So one night she had gone out with her friends to a bar drinking dancing and enjoying the holiday, after a while her friends started chatting with four guys at the bar. Being quite shy she kept to. He steps out holding a bouquet of flowers for his lady. She smiles, they immediately go to each other and embrace in a hug that seems to last an eternity. Neither can believe they are finally together. After what seems hours of holding one another and talking they resume their meeting by going back to Jenna’s home. Once there they share another embrace, only this time more passionate then the first. There lips finally meet as if they’ve always shared one space. His hands roamed across the.

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