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She pulls her finger out, even more slowly than she slid it in, so he can enjoy watching every single inch reappear.She holds that finger up in front ...f him. "See what you do to me?" she asks. "See how wet I am for you?" She begins shimmying down his body, and once her knees are straddling his stomach, she leans down and braces her upper body on her elbows near his shoulders. "That's how much you've pleased me," she whispers, dropping her mouth to his and licking his lower lip with one, slow. “I want to be as surprised tomorrow as I was today.”“Mmmm,” giggled Alyssa, “Feels like you are surprised and excited.” She tugged on my rod, coaxing it as she leaned down to kiss me. Our tongues met, she pulled harder while her nipple stiffened.“Did you think I was done with you yet?” I asked as I broke our long kiss.“I hope not,” answered Alyssa, her fingers stretching up and down the shaft. “I want to feel this cock inside me before I share it with anyone.”Alyssa stood up, cum still on her. Before long, I was able to wrap my lips around his shaft and instantly started bobbing my head up and down. Mere seconds later, his schlong was fully grown. Wow! I gasped as I pulled back and found an eight-inch-long by slightly-over-an-inch-wide cock standing before me. The sheer sight of it was enough to drive me crazy. Diving back into action, I sucked the shit out of that canine cock until I felt it start to convulse. Moments later, it happened, he climaxed! Mmm?! I moaned in shock as I. I was cooking the dinner in my usual home top and shorts with apron on.Saurabh: “ Tu ghar pe sham k baad kapde kyun pehenti hay , nangi raha kar”Manisha: “ haan tumahra baas chale toh 24×7 mujhe nangi hi rakhoge”Saurabh : “ kapde utaar , I want to fuck my bitch right here right now”But to his bad luck , suddenly his office phone rang and he had to go to check the phone. I quickly got naked and only wore the cooking apron and started cooking. I knew that he would love the back-view once he gets.

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Very sexy girl 1:28

Very sexy girl

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Desi bhabi shy

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