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’ Mawma’s hand shook as she lifted her glass again, and Suz heard it clink against her teeth. She reached and laid her hand over Mawma’s, and th...y sat in silence for a minute. ‘Frannie, she was crying her eyes out at the top of the stairs. She’d called her sisters, and they got there…I honestly don’t remember the rest of the day. I remember sitting down in my chair, and I don’t think I moved for hours. The girls milked the cows, and they got Frannie to bed. Still I sat in the chair, staring at. I hadn't met her in person, only having seen Simone's photo last weekend when the twin sisters had organised me as escort for the evening.I had splashed out with my allowances and hired a stretched Hummer to take us to the downtown hotel venue for the ball. I was also armed with a beautiful bunch of flowers and corsage when I arrived.Virginia met me at the door and showed me inside saying the Valerie was in the final stages of helping Simone get ready. They would be with us very soon. With a. Beinahe.Ich hatte, schlaftrunken wie immer, schon eine Strumpfhose an, da fielmir ein, dass wir heute Sport hatten. Das w?re es dann. K?nnte ich auchgleich einen Gymnastikanzug dazu anziehen, und bei den M?dchenmitmachen.Sp?ter, in der Umkleide, sprach mich Bernd an. Einer meiner Freunde."Sag mal, man sieht dich gar nicht mehr." Ich habe einen Job, da bleibt wenig Zeit." Ein Job? Klasse. Ich bekomme keinen. Was denn?" Babysitten."Er lachte. "Hey Klaus, Andy tut Babysitten." Er lachte auch. Was. She stood up and signaled me to follow her quietly.Carefully not to make any sound and wake someone up we both left the room and closed the door behind us. Mom was walking in front and was in charge today. She was wearing an uneasy expression on her face and was in quiet hurry. I still didn’t ask her any questions and followed her quietly. We entered another room and mom switched on the light and fans. She turned around and looked at me but said nothing.I knew why we were here, I knew why she.

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