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I loved this feeling and we lay down and continued to kiss and slide tongues back and forth enjoying this awesome new feeling. I was so horny now. I c...uld feel my cock as if it was going to explode. Kurt said are you as hard as I am. I said I think I am harder. We then slid under the sleeping bags and got to undressing. it was now dark and we had no lights anywhere. I could feel his cock and balls and knew that his cock never felt this hard before. he was feeling mine too and then he slid a. " That's fine Dad, I was going to go up to watch some sailboat race along the lake shore. That'll be fine. It will give us something to do. When is she leaving to come up?" Well, considering she is all packed and standing here listening to one half of our conversation, I guess she will leave as soon as I give her the keys to the car." Geez, Dad, I have to work all day tomorrow." She promised that she will arrive before ten o'clock." Give her the keys, Dad, and tell her to drive safely."I had. "No need to say anything. I saw the movie you were in too. It was really good." He nuzzled her cheek and neck, stroked her flanks and mashed his rigid dick upon her crotch.She clearly felt his big hard throbbing prick grinding upon her; and then she knew the score; she understood the situation.As they left the room, he brushed his hand over her big smooth rump; as they left the club, he ran his hand over it again. She drove to her place, and when she placed the key in the lock to open the door,. My Mistress had summoned me one afternoon. This was how it worked with her. I had to check in with her every morning and afternoon by SMS to tell her what I was doing. She didn't always answer but it was her way of checking up on me to make sure that I wasn't being stolen by any other Mistress. Any other woman that she didn't approve of that is. After all, I was part of her income stream.The other thing is that she would often summon me like this. When I received a message "Be here at three.

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Desi wife BJ 0:14

Desi wife BJ

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Hot bathing

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