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I collapse on the floor exhausted lieing in a pool of spunk theirs and mine. look at my hard cock still pumping cum out. why how can it. i didnt want ...hem fucking me wasnt enjoying it i was forced i watch as it returns and shrinks back to a soft and limp part of me im grabbed and dragged across the floor thrown on to a old metal frame of a bedhands and legs pushed between the rusty old springs hands feet pulled apart tied to the legs of the old bed im on all fours bum hanging over one side head. "It was quiet for a while before Doug asked what everyone was thinking, "How much is it worth now?" If you found the right buyer, you could sell it for between fifty and seventy-five thousand. If you wait five years, you could get ... two fifty and if you wait twenty years, I don't think a million is out of line. He died in 1925, and hasn't created anything new since then, so they can only go up in value if you take care of it." Thanks Britt, you always come up with things that surprise me.". He told her that she was now his to do with as he pleased. She is now his property. She will obey him with out question or hesitation or he will beat her mercilessly. He is going to control her totally and fuck every whole in her body any time and any where he wants. He told her he would use her until she no longer pleased him and then he would sell her into slavery or if she pissed him off enough he would beat her until she died and bury her where no one would ever find her corpse. Luke felt. Dosto main raj aj fir apni gasti behan ki story ko pura karne ja raha hu jo adhuri raha gyi thi dosto apne meri pichli story main to peda hi hai ki kaise meri gasti behan shelly mere online frd se chut or gand marva chuki thi meri behan ko bahut maja aaya anil se chud kar jab anil ne meri behan ko kuttiya bana kar choda to mera bhi dil karne laga ki main bhi chod lu kyoki mera lund un dono ki chudai dekh kar khada tha per pehle shelly apna muh chudva kar mera pani pi chukiThi whiskey ka nasha.

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Tanker girl 3:56

Tanker girl

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Swana part 3

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