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’ She never mentioned her folks again, I’m not sure if she stopped just around me or completely. I felt like shit that I had spoken out, and make it up to her as best I could, even suggesting she talk to the padre’s wife. Jodie just smiled and hugged me saying nothing. I watched her as best I could, going to each of the school functions to check how she was doing. The answer was always the same, to each of her teachers she was a well adjusted young lady, the only time she showed any. Think again, you would need to be a very close range to be effective. The range is so close that by the time it’s in range, you lose the advantage of blowing it up. Because then you have multiple incoming meteors, or missiles if you will, and they will hit Earth instead of the moon.“So, what do we do, let it hit the moon?” asked a junior member of the staff.“Sure if you want a 150-foot tidal wave to take out the entire east coast, or would you like the idea of another ice age, or my personal. 'Shit, this won't last long... ' he thought, setting up a two-cycle stroke -- one short, one deep -- using Sally's mouth and throat. This was all pretty hot -- especially the way Lon was mauling Sally's tits, his dick stiff and laying along her neck and shoulder...For Sally, it was Heaven and Hell. She really wasn't ready to take such a beating, but she couldn't -- wouldn't -- stop it. Lon had stepped up to the plate and was running things like he'd been doing it for months, and everything he. Gasping loudly, he was able to suddenly take in the air he so desperately needed once again. He felt light headed and dizzy from the lack of it.He hadn't ever seen her give anyone a look like that before.As Wolfgang struggled, the blank expression and those demon red eyes of Brianna's face held him there.He fought it and was now growing desperate! He couldn't breath! And he had no data on this to combat it with either. When did she get this ability! Had she always had it or was it something.

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