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" He slowly pushed Chris down further toward the desk. His reflection showed that he was terrified of what was about to come.For some reason I couldn'... bring myself to intervene. My stomach suddenly felt warm and my breathing slightly increased. Mr. Barnam stood at 6 foot 2 and was still muscular from his age of 34. He inherited his job from his dad which is why he is so young for being regional manager at his age. There have been time I imagined him taking me on my desk but today it seemed. “Thank you so much. I… really needed that. I didn’t even realize how badly.” I wrapped her up in my strong arms, crushing her to me, still slid up inside the beautiful warmth of her body. “I’m always here for you, my slave. I know sometimes life gets in the way, but my hand, and my will, and my love is never far from you. I love you, and I own you, every last bit of you. You belong to me. That’s our foundation. The rest of the details will fall into place as they will.” Gingerly, Jess slowly. I knew ithad to be real since there has been no light in ages. I had a new get to that light. Ten thousand steps and I still see the faintestlight get brighter.I felt more alive the closer I got to it. It was a small campfire. I wasstill bathed in darkness, but that fire felt so warm and inviting. I satright next to it. Lights and shadows were playing tricks on my eyes.As I sat next to the glowing fire, I never noticed how cold thisdarkness was. I forgot how it felt to be cold and what. ’ When she reached up under her tee shirt and started to unhook her bra with out hesitation I added, ‘Remove your tee-shirt and pants first then remove your bra and panties.’ She did. When she finished removing her bra and panties I instructed her to first insert three fingers inside of her pussy, and stroke them a few times. I started to smell the machine getting hot so I quickly instructed her to put her pants and tee-shirt back on, without her bra and panties, and return upstairs. After five.

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