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. Pulling me against you when you lift your thigh over my legs... I gasp as I feel your hard cock against my butt, and I smile to myself... I reach fo... the alarm clock to check the time, and I see it would go off in 5 minutes or so... As I reach you let out a groan and squeeze me even tighter... I turn off the alarm, and start gently waking you up... I reach back and run my fingers on your head... Slowly rubbing your neck and shoulder...You press your face on my neck and reach up with one. .." I know you shaved your legs and ass for me, thank you Dave, it's so muchnicer. Now now, careful there big boy, no rubbing against me like that oryou might accidentally shoot. I hope I don't have to put you intochastity, I might have a hard time finding one big enough for your bigbad boy. I know, let me lie back and pull my knees up. Yes, be a good manand lick my ass. You love to lick me there, don't you Dave? You're sogood at it now." Remember the first few times? You basically raped me. Serena's pussy and breasts were pressing tightly against her own. Pulling her head down, Lilliana kissed her full on the mouth, sliding her tongue against Serena's. She felt her daughter respond to the sexy kiss by grinding her pussy against her mom's until their clits rubbed like two tiny cocks. Shocking tremors of passion surged through their bodies.Rolling Serena to the side, Lilliana flipped over on the bed until her head rested on Serena's thigh. Her daughter's juicy young pussy excited. The kiss was interrupted when Vonne flew down the stairs, ‘Mama!’ and into the waiting arms of Jackson’s love. I stood on the veranda, again with my mouth opened in shock and I noticed Jackson turn his head toward me and chuckle. When the two ladies had embraced and kissed, they walked arm-in-arm to where I was standing, ‘Dana,’ Jackson began, ‘I’d like to introduce you to Vonne’s mother and the queen of my heart …’ I looked into the serene face of a timeless beauty. I knew Rose was a few years.

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