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I want to kiss you and lick you all over! I told him Ihad never kissed a man, and wasn’t about to start now!(I’ll suck ’em and fuck ...#8217;em, but I won’t KISS ’em!) Hesaid he didn’t mean he’d kiss me on the lips, but hewould kiss my neck, nipples, back, asshole, anythingand everything I wanted kissed or licked. As I thought about it, he pressed a $50 bill throughthe gloryhole! I took the 50, pulled up my pants, andmoved to a larger booth in the back of. Its not easy , you offer up like this or you get tied up doing it 'and he fuck me hard and deep ''like that like that, yes its ok moan like a girl , i told you , you didnt listen , now you look at me **** your cunt all night ''i beg him to be gettle like before, slamming in me fast and deep ''shut the fuck up slut, you better listen next time''i look at him fucking me hard and angry calling me bad names, not the cute pretty names he used too''iiiimmmm sorry daddy im so sorry'''''i dont care ,. No ... encouraged Jesse to go further with her than ever before. She wondered why it had taken her so long to allow herself to feel what she was feeling. She was no stranger to masturbation, but this was different. This was someone else’s hands on her body and someone else making her feel like this. She was in no rush to end it.She thought about taking it further, but hadn’t decided what to do. She was aware of Jesse’s erection. How could she not be? In an impulsive moment, she reached down and. Anyway, she always looked like she was in pain, then her head would fall back exposing her amazing throat, and he really loved her throat, looking at it.But when....oh yeah, her pussy. Eating her pussy. Being a big guy, having a large mouth, he could just almost take her in from clit to asshole. He could penetrate deeeeply into a woman with his long tongue. They liked that usually.Eating pussy and getting sucked. And of course fucking. Pretty straightforward guy.The thought kept coming.

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