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I thought she was with her friends, but the window for the room was not fully shut. By curiosity, I looked inside and on seeing the scene, my heart st...pped a beat.Inside the room, my mom was standing with her friends completely nude except for her undies. From what I understood, they are trying some new Sarees they just bought from the shop. It is not only my mom but also her friends. There were like three friends and my mom. My mom Yamini was so sexy with nearly 36-inch boobs, while the other. She twirled it deftly in her hand and then presented the handle to the younger woman.- Care to do the honours, she said in a soft sultry voice.She took the cold handle with her hand and gave an almost coy smile. She slipped it gently beneath the fabric over her shoulders and swiftly sliced through it then quickly slid the dagger up along her ribs, careful not to injure, and sliced through the sides and left the shirt to fall off and reveal her to her eyes. She dropped the dagger to the floor. My sexual knowledge was obtained from men's magazines and cheap paperback novels. In my mind, I was a great lover, but in real life my right hand was my only lover.It was a Saturday morning, one week before the party, that my mother told me that she wanted me to take Gail Johnson to the party. Gail was my father's business partner's daughter and she wanted to go the affair.Gail didn't go to my school; she attended an all girls' school across town. Gail and I knew each other from parties and. She respond it well! A little bit surprise but she like the idea. She had accepted to do a daily masturbation sex routine with me and her bras. We have talked each others to find a good relationship deal : She love lingerie, I love wank... So now each night she choose one bra that she will wear the next day. I put the bra wide open on the bed and she lie down beside me breast up. Then I sit on my knees beside her in front of the bra cups. I start rubbing her breast with my left hand while.

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