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She pulled off her top, exposing her still firm tanned breasts. She then realized her tits had never been exposed to any real sunlight, but the salon ...he spent to much at and their tanning beds. Natural sunlight felt good in the warm dry air and a slow steady breeze dried the small beads of sweat making her nipples turn to hard knots. She ran her long nails over her breasts and wished a warm hot tongue was melting the knots. She pulled off her jean shorts then panties then laid back on the hard. She pulled out her chair and sat down, looking at her hands clasped together on the table, but I'm sure she didn't see them. I reached over and took her hand and held it. She looked up and gave me a halfhearted smile, then looked back at the table.Charlie finally said, "Well, we might as well eat this. Come on everyone, take some chicken." I noticed he didn't have the fake parrot on his shoulder anymore.Everybody took a piece of chicken, but nobody was eating with any enthusiasm. The bag stayed. ... The scene made me horny and all of a sudden I heard a sound behind me... "Shhh", a male voice whispered, I want to watch them.... when I looked back, I saw a black guy approaching. From the enormous bubble in his pants, I could assume he was aroused by what he saw. The couple had not noticed either one of us and they were still enjoying themselves. The black guy sat next to me and seemed to judge me when I saw his eyes sort of undress me from top to bottom.....his tongue slipped out and wet. Some electrical engineers using "find technology" rigged a special antennae that could transmit the information through the rocks to a receiver right above it. Now anyone could access the find's computer without contaminating the find's near-pristine condition.It also eliminated the need for Dahra to portal researchers into the building. Which suited Dahra just fine. She never liked having to settle squabbles between colleagues.A few scientists still requested to come in and examine ancient.

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