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Now I was soon thinking about various possibilities with her and got an erection. I went to the bathroom and without locking door started wanking of her as nude. A moment later the door opened and Savita was standing there, her eyes fixed upon my 7 inches long boner. I did not move; rather I turned sideways and gave her a better view. She was still standing at door staring at my erect rod. I said "please dont tell my mom about this. I really needed to relieve myself." She said ok but. It was heaven. I sat there for second shuddering in pleasure. Then I felt his big hands on my hips. He began helping me pump up and down on his cock. He kept thrusting up to meet me and flexing his love muscle at the same time. He was giving me exactly what I wanted I could tell he was in bliss. The windows fogged up from our panting. The only sounds were the low rumble of the truck, coupled with the loving moans of the two people inside our cocoon of warmth and joy. I was now riding my dads. It was quite uncomfortable with a ridge across my bottom and the table was cold. His hand roughly slid down over my breasts, past my frilly suspenders, over my bare thigh above my stocking and ended up on my matching, and by now wet silk knickers, they were a Christmas present from my husband! I spread my legs and pulled them up to give him better access and he fumbled round and got his manhood out, with no further attempt at foreplay he pulled my knickers to one side enough to expose my very. I think I'm getting better at just relaxing and trusting you. It's surprising and amazing to me that I could ever take so much. That's getting addictive also!I smile when I think about how much we worked to get my little virgin bubble butt down onto you. I remember those first few times and how much saddle sore I had for weeks! It was definitely worth it though. It felt so amazing when I was finally able to take all of you and fit against you. We were both cumming together so much. Just.

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Indian Girls

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