Aur tez …speed see lund chaloo. Voo bhee bade mastee see apnee piston rupee lund koo bahut tezee see andar bahar kar rahaa thaa……..meraa room ek...randi khanee mee badal chukaa thaa… Room mee avazee aa rahee thee mereeee…..aaaahhhhh….ooohhhhhh…..uuummhhhh yaa lund chut mee andar bahar honee keeChappp…chhapp….thappp….thhapppp..dhapp…dhhappp.aznabee kee munh see nikal rahaa thaa tu ab tu meree randii ..kutiaa ab mee tujhee har roze chodungaa…. Aahhh….ohhhh.uskee speed badtee zaa rahee thee..tez aur. She told me to sit in the chair as we entered the bedroom. They wasted no time getting undressed, and she smiled at me as he was pulling her panties off. Then she started pulling his underwear down and stopped as his cock sprung free, it was large and swollen and she looked at me and said thank you. She pulled his underwear the rest of the way off and tossed them on the floor by my feet. Then she crawled up to him, kissing her way up his legs until she got to his balls. She then started kissing. I’m happy to share if you are”.Sam, had her share of group fucking in the past, most with 2-3 guys filling her holes, sometimes with female colleagues sharing a cock found from the dives in Sydney, She so wanted that huge cock inside her again and decided that sharing was better than doing without. “What’s the deal with the naked Husband,” she asked? “Cuckold,” said Tina, “likes to watch and lick out”. Here's to a fun evening said Sam and sat next to her new friend as her new lover poured her a. There was ample evidence that Reef was anxious about this. He had drooled more pre-cum than I have ever seen before or since. As I observed Reef’s cock I could help but feel that this was, for what I wanted and needed then, a perfect penis. It was about 7 ½ inches long, uncut so I had a foreskin to play with. It was thick at the base, nearly the size of a billiard ball. The head had a lovely ridge that popped out when I slid his foreskin back and the head itself had a pointed shape that I knew.

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Keep on fucking 2 1:34

Keep on fucking 2

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