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She told me that she had started to feel the same about me and I told her that it was like a dream come true for me. Then she asked me if I would take...her as my own slutty woman and I gave her a big kiss in response. Suddenly our mouths were on fire and soon we tore off each other’s clothes to taste the skin and she began to talk dirty like asking me to suck the nipples of my bitch and telling me that I was her dirty little boy and she was my cock whore, horny for me.Soon, she was asking me to. Apparently, I looked sufficiently guilty. “Ah, nothing,” I said, in my most convincing tone. “Well, if that’s the case, you won’t mind if I look, will you!” She grabbed the handle of the garage door, opened it and slowly walked in. I hoped she wouldn’t see anything but she’s smarter than that. She lifted the utility lid and saw a few of the signs, the ladder and tools. “Mmm! So, what are you up to?” “Nothing,” I replied, but I’m not a good liar and must have been bright red, much more. I dozed.Two nipples and two firm breasts pressed into my back.Huh?“You know, David and I know what Mom and Dad and you and Auntie Lee do when you’re together.”“You do? What’s that?”“Come on, we’re not stupid. More than once you thought we’d taken off when we were actually upstairs watching you through the window. You and Mom really like each other, don’t you?”OK, slowly here, I thought. Just what does she know?“Susan, your mom is my sister. We’ve been buddies since we were little.”“Is that why. “I want to fuck my wife tonight. What are we gonna do?”We talked back and forth, suggesting ideas. Like, one couple could take a separate Uber back home thirty minutes later. But then what would the first couple do? Get dressed and stand outside in the rain? This was a sparse little area, there was nothing else to do, nowhere to go. We talked for five minutes and came up with nothing satisfactory. The room went silent and the waitress hoped we were done.“Well…” Everyone looked at me. I didn’t.

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Boob Press

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