"One of the gold dress girls said, "Your eye makeup is stunning." I hope so. I spent a lot of time at the salon today."The other woman wearing a gold ...ress asked about my dress."Did you buy that dress at Lila's Boutique?" Yes I did." I saw it there the other day. I was going to try it on. It looks greaton you." Thanks. I would like to see how I look in gold. Maybe we can trade?"I was half kidding but the woman said, "Okay. I am sure a little later wecan find a room upstairs and swap, if I can. “Of course! I’ll stay here and take great care of everything.”Come Sunday she left, and I headed out to do my chores, I threw some feed at the chickens, and watered all the animals deciding to go out to the pasture and check on the cattle. Calves were still being born and you never know when something might happen. I walked out with Jip the dog, a big black Collie, and we surveyed the barns. The milk cows were in one open and the calving cows were in a large byre. Catching my eye in the. "I want to sit on your face so lie down,"Once I was down she sat her back facing me I opened my mouth and started licking her she was delicious spicy and sweet. I sucked her clit it was huge, I stuck my tongue in her hot pussy and she started to grid on my face at first slow and gentle but when I started getting rougher so did she."You have such a dirty little slutty mouth" she moaned.She started grinding harder so I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go and she cried out."Yes fuck me with. We nodded, "But what if she doesn't call?" Kaitlin brought up, bringing down her own suggestion.I shrugged, "Well, let's see if she does."We all agreed on it.We packed up most of our stuff, gathering up party clothes from where they had littered the floor."So how was the party guys?" I asked them, brushing my teeth."It was good. I have definitely been to better," Amanda said."I thought it was fun, but I wish you hadn't left," Jackie said, giving me a fake pouty face. We laughed.I washed out my.

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