Carl got a soapy washcloth and ran it all over my body. My guilt evaporated like the steam and I stood still with my eyes close, just reveling in the ...xperience of Carl's expert attentions. He turned me around in the stall and gently began massaging my back side. He ran his fingers up and down between the cheeks of my ass, then gently probed my asshole with his finger. I was soapy and slippery, and his finger entered quite easily. I leaned up against one wall of the shower and tried standing. "Wow," Alex said."I know. Did I do good?" Fuck yeah," he laughed.He rolled Kate on her back and began his work. He started with a long white rope and began to loop it around her neck, but not tight, and down between her breasts. Then he wrapped it around her tits tightly, causing them to stick out. Kate moaned and squirmed beneath him until he slapped her face. Tears came to her eyes, but she didn't squirm anymore. Next, he brought the rope down to her pussy where he pulled it through and. I sucked on each of the labia as she squirmed and her juices started to flow, after a few minutes I turned my attention to her clit, it took about 3 seconds from the time my tongue reached her mostly hooded pink clit till that dime sized clit was at full attention, hard as a rock. I inserted a finger up into her pussy and rubbed the upper inner supposed G spot area while sucking on that very hard clit, she came in less than five minutes and I did not relent even as she said her face and arms. "How old do ya think she is?" he asked in his gravelly voice. "Fourteen? Thirteen?" Sixteen!" Tina exclaimed in confusion and panic. "Please, I don't wanna... I'll just get you your cash..."As she protested, though, she felt Don's hands roaming around her and gripping her ass. A spark of pleasure rippled across her body at his rough touch: her body was still ready to what she'd started before these men interrupted. As Don continued groping her, though, she managed to continue her protests: she.

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