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“Come on, Blondie, I went out and bought your favorite. Get up!” he whispers in my ear, and I can’t help but giggle. I know at this point, not happening. Rolling over, I look at him, his big brown eyes looking down at me. “There you are, happy birthday again,” he whispers, before kissing me. His stubble tickles my face, as it always does. I kiss him back, smelling my favorite muffins. “What did you get me?” I sit up, peeking at the bag. “I got you an ice coffee, you’re favorite. "Yes princess." He replied. "Now you may sit down and hug me, be a good boy and I will let you kiss me and maybe even lay in the bed." I said.Later we went to bed but I thought I would tease Jack while he was in his chastity belt just so he knows that I have the power, so while he was in the bathroom I slipped into some sexy lingerie and waited for him to come in the bedroom, when he did I thought he was going to cry. "Come on Jack get into bed with your princess." I said. Then I told him how. Two of the bodyguards stopped at the desk and helped Pavlo to his feet. They fell back towards the rear door, and Yevgeny followed.Three days later, he received an invitation to supper at the Don’s Kyiv residence.The simple, private supper consisted of deruny, salo, and horilka. Potato pancakes, sliced pork fat on rye bread, and Ukrainian vodka. The Don seemed in good spirits and waved away Yevgeny’s attempt to discuss business, saying only “Later.” After their meal, they retired to a large. His hard erection slapped my pussy lips and reached my clitoris, making me gasp a soft scream…He asked me if I liked having my cunt slapped; but I did not answer.Then he slapped my clitoris again with his cock; this time it felt a little warmer and nice. He looked in my eyes and continued slapping me until I murmured that I loved to have my pussy spanked with a hard dick…Then the stranger fell on top of me and went straight up inside me. I could feel him opening my vagina with his.

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Indian Desi X

Indians kidding 0:44

Indians kidding

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Delhi mona

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Outdoor fucking

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