Sri Lankan

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More pooling in her mouth. She swallowed it all. I sat back on the sofa."Oh my god daddy, yes! That was so yummy!" She sucked what was remaining in my...shaft and showed me the white cum on her tongue. She gargled and bubbled it in her mouth, swallowing that final load. She giggled and sprang up, sitting back on my lap."That was the best daddy" wrapping her arms round my neck, cum slowly dripping down her face."You've definitely done this before.." I said, cupping her perfect ass.She laughed "I'm. She loved him too much to hang on. She wanted to be his ideal girl. Without even consciously choosing to do so, she squeaked, rushing to cover her mistake."British? No, no, I meant Japanese, I'm Japanese! I'm Shinju!" She swore enthusiastic like a c***d caught lying."Really?" He smiled, taking her face between his hands and pointing her to the mirror. "So that's the true you, then?" Yes ! Yes, this is me, I swear ! I'm Shinju!"Her addled mind didn't have the time to create a small alibi, a. I hoped they would please him. I fearedhe might seize one of them in his hand and press the baton to my nipple. If hedid that, I thought my heart might stop. And the last thing I would hear inthis world would be the sound of my scream, and the last I would smell would bemy own burned flesh Much to my relief, he holstered the baton. He moved behindme and brought his hands up to my breasts, cupping them gently, rubbing hispalms against my nipples. It was a relief to know? he intended to rape me.. He leaned in close to my ear."Should we see just how naughty you are ",he whispered.That warm wet feeling wasa back with avengeance,and the slut was in full flow."I have been very naughty sir",I said and i swear i felt a tremble run up his arm."I can not allow naughty in my class Sasha,it's like an epidemic,once it gets a hold it runs riot,that will never do.I think I need to sort this now and quickly,would you agree"."Yes sir".He took me by the shoulders and led me over to his desk."Bned over.

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Sri Lankan