“Jesus fuck-mothering Christ,” I swore and gulped down a hefty amount of beer before returning to the refrigerator to grab two more. I cracked the...first one and took another large swallow. “What the hell happened?” I was shocked.“Well, it wasn’t just me. The whole department got the axe. Somebody upstairs said we weren’t necessary.”Ray worked in some kind of marketing department. I never understood the work myself, but at the same time will concede that if you tasked an engineer (my profession). Abbey's biggest flaw was that she was to goodhearted and a little naive so I always felt a need to look out for her so others wouldn't take advantage of her. Typically I ended up being her shoulder to cry on when some guy or another found out she doesn't put out and she was always willing to give me relationship advice when it came to girls. I guess she was kind of like the little sister I never had. After my father died her and her mother took me in so I could finish my senior year without. "I have to sort this out Steve, it's affecting my work. I have to sort it out alone; it's my problem, OK?" Yeah, I suppose, still you know where I will be if you need me, like, you know -- later." Yes I know; one track mind, you," Penny smiled, and gave Steve a peck on the cheek."Don't I get more than that?" Steve complained."Like you said, maybe -- later," Penny giggled as she walked away.She pulled the flaps of her jacket closed in a vain attempt to keep the wind out. Penny lent against the. ” They quickly unloaded the sex machines and brought them inside the house. “Well now that we these inside where are we going to hide them from Nate?” Steph asked. Amanda quickly pointed her chin to the door on the other side of the kitchen, “Well put them in there for now. That’s where they are going to go anyways.” Steph looked over to the door on the other side of the kitchen. Steph searched all over the cabin when she first got there and totally missed this door. Did this door just.

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