I kissed him back, meeting his kiss with my own, I swooned and I was so excited. We must have exchanged kisses for a good 20 minutes before his hands...started roaming over my body lightly he reached down and squeezed my butt lightly. After that he rubbed my crotch first soft than got harder. Next thing I knew he had his fingers inside my two-piece bathing suit and it felt so good and he was like my dream guy. He stopped kissing me and my eyes were closed, and then I felt something I didnt. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!"Sure enough, she had no more got the words out than with a loud cry, she gushed her juices out like a flood. Honey had never "squirted" before–normally when she came it trickled out like the last water from a draining hose. But this time her orgasm was so hard that her hose had good pressure behind it and she spewed her sweetness out forcibly.Officer Brady didn't allow Honey to have any time to come down from her sexual peak. As soon as she stopped. Mistress Jen was wearing a short skirt and 5 inch heels along with a black corset. I walked into the shop and was told to come over to Mistress Jen. She was holding the riding crop she told me to kneel at her feet. I knelt down and she attached the leash to my collar. She said” Now that is better” Laughing she slapped my face hard and laughed at me. She snarled at me telling me to get up and quickly get undressed. I stepped out of my pants revealing my red G-string; my face must have been as. I pulled a pair of black lace panties from the drawer and slipped them on over my naked body. The feeling was electric, my cock was hard and pressing against the see through lace panel and the silky back caressed my soft white buttocks. It took all my control not to cum there and then, but I resisted as I wanted to go further, I went for the matching bra and after a few minutes confusion I workedout how to put it on. I walked over to her mirror and admired myself, but something was missing. .

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