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The store closed and we were alone, counting the money and closing up. The last week I was there the sexual tension between us was more then I could s...and, so we avoided one another on purpose, I think. Here, however, we couldn't so my body got warm and I felt over heated. He had to get up on a shelf for a moment and his supple ass was in my face. So many temptations but nothing happened finally, as I said, and we said good night.I had my last day and moved on to a nice guy, though anything but. I replied I was wishing to lick and suck her all over…Suddenly a torrent of pictures came back on my phone. Ana was lying in the bed; her tiny thong pulled to the side. Her juicy pussy lips were wrapped tightly around the black dildo that was half way inside of her wet cunt. In another picture, her ass was up in the air from behind, her thong still pulled to the side and the dildo balls deep in her pussy, as her hand was slapping her ass. More and more pictures of the dildo at various depths. . no ... I have no idea" was my response.Ginny moved her lips a little closer to my ear before she whispered "She wants to lose her virginity to you"."Oh wow ... that's..." I was stuck for words as we continued to dance. Ginny then slipped something into my jacket pocket.She continued "Use the card key I just put into your pocket in an hour at 12:30 ... be gentle with her and let her enjoy the sensation of loving sex. Don't worry she is protected ... and she knows that you are very well. It all started when my best friend Dean came over for the day now i knew Dean had a thing for Hailey as we'd spoke about it before and Hailey had mentioned before that she found Dean attractive so i figured this was the perfect opportunity. We were all in the front room having a few drinks and chatting when i got up to get a few more drinks and Hailey followed i quickly turned to her and whispered " I think you should try and fuck him tonight " Her face lit up " Are you sure? " " Yeah we'll go.

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