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" Tomorrow should be quite interesting." It will indeed."Gabriel Banged and banged on the bedroom door, to be answered by me, verybleary eyed."Come qu...ckly we have to get a move on," explained Gabriel."Why what's up?" You have to come and measure up the building. They will let us have akey but they want it back by 12 noon. How long will it take you tomeasure up?" How big is the building?" 3 floors about 20 rooms per floor." 3 maybe 4 hours." It's 7.30 now and we have to get there, which will. This continued for a couple of minutes and the excitement of the possibility of getting caught was exhilarating. The fact that she was twenty years my junior and that this situation was somewhat dangerous, made it even hotter.I reached down and pulled her head to my erect cock. At first, she resisted, but I looked down at her and whispered, “You wanted this shit, so suck my cock.” She let me pull her head toward my throbbing cock. Once she got close enough, I slapped her face with my cock as. ’ I heard you giggle and you saying,’ Sounds like a spanking to me.’ I smiled though you could not see me but guided you to your feet and stood you on the hot wooden floor. I allowed you the first blows to get you used to the sensation. Your petite hand wrapped about the branch denuded of its leaves and at first were hesitant with your blows. Then as you grew more comfortable you struck harder blows across my back and buttocks until it was a frenzy of blows that you rained on me. I felt you. The thought of that night and what happened still makes you blush. You can’t believe you actually got a bare bottom spanking in your employer’s hotel room as punishment. You had no choice really. It was either submit to Mr. Ries’s discipline or lose your job. You had hoped that it was over. Mr. Ries had not said or made any reference to the incident and it had been a couple of weeks. Then just as you were about to get off work you received an E-mail from Mr. Ries telling you to be at his house.

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Wife !!

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Sex of

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