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”“I said: I assume you helped me,” the witch quickly lies.“I did, I did,” he says with a smile. “You were laying there, un conscious. You�...�re damn well lucky the satyrs didn’t find you, or the fairies for that matter.”The mention of both brings a smile on her face. “Why’s that?”Don’t ask why. You know why. Get him to tell us how to get off this island.“You’re a pretty little thing,” Remfrey answers, his smile looking a little lopsided because his face is a little saggy. “I don’t know how you. There I stand blindfolded and at his beck and call, he hasn’t said one word to me but I feel him as he walks around me which I guess is him checking me out. Then I feel his hands on the front of my dress and I say “no, no leave me alone” this earns my right tit and slap. I yell that it hurt and he does it again. Now I’m getting pissed we never hurt each other but I think he’s just into the role so I put my hands up to take of the blindfold. That’s when he grabbed my hands pulled them behind me. When my eyes returned to his dick my knees gave in as I fell to the floor like before and took his manhood in my mouth. And just like before I began to slob and drool all over his massive dick. After a couple of minutes he pulled it from my mouth pulled his legs up and told me to lick his balls. He chocolate balls looks like two pool balls, I washed his balls with my tongue like a drive thru carwash. Then Mr. Holmes pulled me to my feet and bent me over his kitchen table. “Look lat time I. We went into the dining hall for breakfast.People were there. It looked like it had been a long night. Jam and I went into the kitchen and helped. At first, a tired young woman objected but Jam talked to her quietly. I took a coffee pot and went out. Once there, I handed it off to Mason. Angela and Anna were setting the table and placing cups. I went back inside the kitchen to help cook.Angela followed me. “Jar, what can I do?”I looked around. “Start some ham cooking in that fry pan.” She.

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