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I walked into the living room and my daughter was sound asleep, Cody looked up from watching a movie, he grinned and I noticed him staring at my boobs. I didn’t really care.“Make yourself comfortable for the night, whatever you need. I am going to shower and lay down."“No problem, thanks Mrs. W.”I’m so used to being alone that I don’t fully shut the bathroom door. I was enjoying the warm shower and cleaning myself when I glanced up and thought I saw something quickly move from the. So I buried my face in the crack of her ass. I licked her tiny rosebud until it relaxed enough and let my tongue get in.She started moaning and moving her hips and I kept my tongue inside of her asshole. I could feel her cunt and anal muscles tighten around my tongue as she finally came.She gasped with my dick still buried in her throat and finished her orgasm.She then rolled off from me and got on all fours, begging me to fuck her in the ass.I got up behind her and spat on her still tiny. She was lying down facing the sun for about half an hour.Then, she decided to apply some lotion. She took out the bottle, and slowly started applying some of it to her face first, and then her hands and legs.All this time, the group of men was and women, all of them in their early twenties, were sitting and looking at her goddess-like body from a few meters away. They couldn’t make out if she was looking at them because of the sunglasses, but sure enough, she kept looking at them once in a. “Get your hand off your cock,” I growled.She shot me a sweet, shy smile.“Yes, Daddy.”It was amusing to witness the transformation. She metamorphosed from shy, uncertain, and nervous Emo gurl to greedy, submissive cock whore in a matter of a couple minutes.I slid out of her.“Get on your hands and knees.”She extended her arms and I pulled her up to me, crushing her body against mine. She gave me a hot, wet, passionate kiss.“Don’t go easy on me… okay?”I grinned.“I won’t.”She turned around, got on.

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Virgin Girl

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