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George was content with his wife, but it was just contentment. They are growing used to each other, nothing to get excited about.As they talk, Patti s...yly tells George that she had never ‘gone down’ on a man before or had a man do so to her. Her husband just was not interested in anything like that.George hugs Patti and tells her that he is not much more experienced than she is. His wife shied away from giving him blow jobs. And only very rarely early on in their marriage ever did so. And. I found her tongue with mine and teased and licked and sucked for all I was worth, her hands found my breasts and she squeezed and caressed them making my nipples hard and responsive. She only had her bikini bottoms on and so I could caress her legs and vey firm ass.Emma's other friends also were kissing and caressing and this just added fuel to my already raging fire. My hand trembled as it came near to Emma's very wet pussy and just as I reached it, she stopped and whispered in my ear, "I've. For breakfast you have hot cum. After I fuck you red bulbous whore lips and you swallow my throbbing cock's cum, we will passionately French kiss while I finger your ass and rub your clit to completion. Daddy will then fuck your slut pussy ass hole, ramming my Bimbo Slut Whore against the red velvet wall of your room with force. As we cum, you shake with pleasure and scream obscenities that only Satan could have authored. Two large gold poles are located in the center of your red velvet. As I tried to get out, she pulled me back in and grabbed my cock, then proceeded to undress me except for my underwear, placing my clothes on the pool side. She was wearing a bikini, the party was at her apartment complex and she had rented the club house for the evening. She pulled the crotch of her bikini and my briefs aside and straddled me, no one was aware what we were doing. After ten or twelve minutes of fucking, she pulled off my briefs and got out of the pool, taking my underwear with.

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