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I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Silva, president of Silva Corp." Good morning," Silva began, "I am pleased to announce Va-Voom is getting ready ...o release an exciting new line of products. That is where you all come in. We need product testers and you ladies are going to be it. We know you are not professional testers, so we will need to observe you using the products. To help offset the added cost of observers we will also be recording these product tests for our adult home video section. Tracy stood next to her, sharing a similarlook. She was one of Dale's many past conquests, in this case a non-consensual one; he drugged and raped her, and he didn't even recognizeher! This revenge would be sweet, indeed...The subtle tingling in Dale's arm began to spread to other parts of hisbody, radiating outwards. In particular, his chest and groin felt tingly.He felt an urge to rub his chest, and did so. Surprisingly, unlike thefirm pecs he was used to, he felt a lot of give! Quickly, he. You want tobe especially clean tonight. Don't be ashamed to practice thisafternoon. I think you'll enjoy it!"As I dressed I realized that putting on women's clothing was not ascumbersome as it had been at first. It was interesting to note that mymind was wandering as I put on my stockings. I even was able to hook upthe garters without the struggle I had yesterday.I guess I had grown accustomed to being Carolyn. Certainly I wasenjoying it, especially the sex with Suzy. I'm sure my glow. She says she wants to take my virginity. She said she has something twelve inches long that she and Elaine are going to use on me. I don't want to give up my virginity to someone I don't even really love, but for some reason when she tells me to do something, I can't seem to resist." Why do you suppose that is?" asked Jessica, feeling the dampness in her own pants."I don't know. Maybe it's true what they say about having to do what you're told when someone has your panties." There's nothing.

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