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She was in a room with her mother who was in some sort of coma. Not a damn doctor had come in yet. Over the hour, Caden’s patients had steadily dec...ined till finally: ‘Have they said anything to any of you? Why am I still in this hospital and I don’t what the hell is wrong with my mom?’ All attention was on her. Deity sat up in her seat, glancing at Shane then her sister. The same thing was on her mind but it was obvious she hadn’t wanted to say anything. ‘They’re probably still running. The kids were also hitting class1 and I knew that within a year, I would get transferred too to Chennai to head South Zone. Malini planned to stay with her parents in Chennai, since they had a huge bungalow. Her father was a government contractor for building roads, and they had 4 servants in the house themselves. I wondered aloud whether Shanti’s services were required anymore but Malini was firm that we needed a full time maid of our own, not borrowed. So it was decided that Malini, the kids. I didn't understand it then, but his demeanorbespoke something bordering on rapture.Mome even talked to him, and his mother, about signing up forreal lessons at the ballet studio.But eventually summer came, and he was soon gone.We met again in our sophomore year, when we started high school.But something had changed. We shared two classes our first year -English and Latin - and I had tried to chat him up, but he was sotimid that we never made it past the "friends" stage throughoutour three. And mere 10 min baad chut gaya . Vo 3 baar jhad chuki thi. Ab ham ek dusre se lipat kar let gaye and kiss karne lage me ek hath uski chut par rakha and ragadne laga use maja ane laga nad we were ready for round 2 par is baar mene use blind fold kiya and vo maan gayi me kitchen me se hot chocolate laya mene uski chut par thoda sa hot chocolate dala and vo chilane lagi kya hai ye mene lkaha mera pyar and chatne laga use acha lagne laga phir mene uski sari body par chocolate dala and chatne laga..

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