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She realized and pulled me between her legs holding my dick against her wet pussy and asked me, " Push your it gently in me. Ohhhhh thats was enough t... get mad. I pushed my ramrod with a jerk in her pussy. Jerk was so hard that my iron-like penis deep into her wet pussy and hit the wall of her love nest. She cried oahhhhhhh are you going to kill me! slow pleaseeee slow. but I got mad and started pumping my dick deep and deeper in her slippery street. My penis was very hard and swollen. I was. So much so that I was almost suffocated.After feasting on her breasts for good 15-20 minutes, I moved towards her lips, and we smooched again. I stood on the floor and brought my best friend’s mom towards the edge of the bed. Her pussy was already lubricated with her juices.Without wasting much time, I adjusted the tip of my penis over her pussy lips and kept her legs on my shoulder. Her ass was swinging in the air, and her upper back was on the bed.I started riding her in that position and. I dressed up nicely and combed my hair and put on some deodorant to feel good.I was happy to spend some time with my friends. But to my bad luck, just at the entrance of the mall, there she stood with that girl. I just stood there thinking what I should do. I can’t run because that’ll make me easily noticeable. Should I turn back and go to my room?That’s when she saw me and came running to me shouting, “Hey! Sagar Hey! Sagar.” I knew when I heard her voice that I was doomed, and I am going to. ‘And how old is this slut?’ ‘Twenty three.’ She said. ‘I’m in – ’ She wanted to say she was in her senior year in college, but then she pressed her lips together. ‘I dropped out of college,’ she said. ‘Way too boring. I need adventure.’ He nodded and brushed a strand of hair back behind her ear. A burst of electricity. Nervous butterflies. Now something would happen. He would kiss her, she would kiss him back. His hand rested at the nape of her neck, while he looked at her face. Well if he.

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