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My father was a sales director and he used to be out of town for most of the days. My sister got married and leaving with her hubby. This started when...I was 18 and got curious about sex and learnt to masturbate after getting excited on seeing sexy photographs of women. This created a desire and urge to see women naked as I have not even seen any photos of naked women.One day I was alone in my home with my Amma Fatima. After she made me breakfast, she told me that she was going to take bath.. The sheets were disheveled, and I could see herperfect, naked body splayed out on the bed. Her legs were spread, andher hips were bucking as she was fucked. She was moaning. She was veryobviously enjoying herself.There, between my girlfriend's legs, was Rob.I'd like to say that I shut the door and left, but I didn't. I stoodthere and watched. I'd like to say that it wasn't because I enjoyed it,and it's true that I WAS torturing myself by watching Rob fuck mygirlfriend. I saw her meeting. This cute little human was just another. The route the alien travelled brought him back to earth every year within a weeks time. I could see why that alien wanted to fuck her though. Her body was firm and athletic. She did not have an ounce of fat on her. Her skin was smooth and almost olive tanned. Her legs were long and firm. She ran so much the muscles rippled from her calves and the rear areas of her thighs. Her dark blonde hair flowed to just above her waste. She had a constant smile. ‘I’m just trying to figure out what you want from me. After last night, I thought you’d like me to return the favor.’ He gathered his legs under him to stand. ‘If you’re not interested, stop teasing me.’ ‘No, wait.’ Willow grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down. Tom wondered if her hesitant and modest behavior might be just another well-rehearsed fictional character, but the tug on his heart felt just as real as the quirky tug on her braid. Tears welled up in her eyes, ready to spill over..

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