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She felt at his fly and he seemed to respond, by what she felt. She unzipped it, felt around roughly and, she thought, clumsily, but soon enough had t...e warmth of a cock in her hands, for the first time in two years.She knelt down, wet her lips, and took his cock in her mouth. She had done it with Paul, not unenthusiastically, she believed, but at this moment she felt hunger like she never had before. To have a hard pole in her mouth, throbbing with life— it was such a wonderful thing. Why did. .. I am willing. I-I need it."The figure paused, partially withdrawing its hands. Despite the lack of facial expression, Melissa thought she sensed hesitation and some confusion from it, as if this were a new situation for it. Are you for me? she heard it ask of her.Melissa was not sure how to answer that question. She had no idea who - or what - this figure was. For all she knew, it could be part of the elaborate ruse that Susan and Ann had set up. Though that would not explain the eerie look,. I squeezed my thighs, my anticipation building. Her green eyes trembled as I pushed her thighs farther apart, my lips kissing at her pubic mound right above her spicy pussy.The heady scent of her salty, cinnamon-spiced pussy wafted through my nose. I savored the scent, breathing it in before I lowered down and took a nice, long lick up her pussy. Her body contorted and her toes curled. I reached the top of her clit, flicking it with my tongue, before I bent down and took another wonderful. I’d seen on a video a woman having her ass fingered. I dipped my index finger in her pussy to get it nice and wet, then moved it to her asshole, gently putting pressure on her puckered hole. She lifted off my cock and asked what I was doing, I said “you might enjoy this” and pushed my finger in to the first joint. I licked her clit, and heard her moan – I took that to mean she liked the finger and pushed a little further. Later she told me it had hurt but felt good at the same time. Anyway,.

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Mirror fucking 10:52

Mirror fucking

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Hard dick

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