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On that day I am wearing tight white shirt and blue short skirt, niroo wearing loose top and leggings. Kushi came with items, and we three sat on the ...loor making round, I sit right to kushi and niroo sit left to him. We started to drink by telling cheers to each other at 7.30. We girls tasting beer for the first time. Kushi already completed his 2pegs of drinks before we complete 100ml.Kushi started to stare at our boobs and he can easily visible my sister boobs when she used to bend to take. She was so red that she was starting to look purple! She could feel the blood from her recently opened wound trickling from the base of her cunt slit, and she knew that Bernard and she were making a much nastier stain on the bed than she had used the towel to protect against earlier.This was a stain of blood. A crimson stain, that would turn brown and crusty when it cooled and became old. She could feel her cunt hole being stretched to the painful extreme, an acute test of the elasticity. She. I stopped a couple of steps down so our eyes were all on the same level.“Leo, Angelica has something she would like to say.” April said primly, looking at her cousin.Angelica rolled her eyes, but met my gaze squarely.“I am sorry if I was a bitch, Leo. It was unfair of me to be prejudiced against you because every muscle-bound meathead I have ever met has a tiny dick and is overcompensating by lifting weights and smacking around women.”“Angelica!” April gasped, scandalized.“What?”“Leo, I am. She handed it over to me and said that she is coming within 5 minutes as she was going to change. I was busy with operating Macbook and she suddenly appeared coming from the door.She was looking damn beautiful in sleeveless t-shirt and shorts. Her thighs made me feel uncomfortable and aroused. I ignored and continued, taught her everything, about using macbook.When I was about to leave, she asked me to stay for some time as she was alone and feeling bored. I agreed because my parents didnt.

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