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There was a shelter not far from here, I had seen it on one of my previous ascents. The icy wind and the thick snow was blinding me, I stumbled and fe...l, slipped down the slope and bumped my right leg painfully into a rock. Of course it was madness to attempt this ascent alone and with minimal gear. Of course I knew that there was a good chance to die. Maybe it was an attempt at suicide, trying to tempt fate to reunite me with you. In the first year after you’d been gone, I had taken so many. A new film started as I watched intent the girl was giving a guy head. God I felt horny and wished it was me and not her.The guy opposite got up as if to leave, but instead came and sat right next to me. In the corner of my eye I noticed the guy was stroking himself quiet openly through his pants, his leg was now rubbing against mine. His hand brushed my thigh in a matter of fact way with me instinctively opening my legs so he could feel the flesh between stocking and thigh. There was no. They get an idea in their head, and there was no way to change them from it."That isn't what I said, and it isn't what I meant. I've always said that you could join us, but I wouldn't ever give up what my family and I already had. You can be a part of us, but you can't come between us. What you're asking for is something that can't ever happen."Emily started to say something, in what we all knew to be her confrontational tone. She was quickly silenced by all the angry glares sent her way. We. “No,” Tiffany said. “She might try to fuck him just to get laid but it’s no more than getting off. I don’t think she’ll risk the damage it could do. She’s smarter than that.”“Smarter than you, you mean,” Hailey joked, nudging Tiffany with her elbow.“He and I had already made up by that point,” Tiffany replied. “And I didn’t make the first move. I told him that he needed to learn to keep his hands off my awesome bod. He told me that he didn’t want to and then he proved it. I’m not ashamed of.

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